Cosgraf, print corporate comunication

Imprenta Cosgraf was born in Quito 10 years ago, as a wholesale offset printing solution, with design support, comprehensive advice and complementary services.

We specialize in quality printing, a variety of materials. High technology service in our graphic productions.

We guarantee our work, in printing, materials and manufacturing process.

We have great experience and we ship orders in Quito and other provinces of Ecuador, include Galapagos Islands. We using some companies like:  Servientrega, Tramaco, Tame, etc.  Air and Trucks.

We are part of the GRAFYCO group, Graphics and communication, which provides comprehensive services of comprehensive advice and support in marketing and communication areas.


Among our products and services we have:

Printing of all offset material up to 350gr. or .16, with quality.

Offset printing from A6 to A0

Printing with pantones, silver, gold, gold leaf inks

Stationery: letterheads, envelopes, corporate folders, dry stamps, wet stamps, diplomas

Advertising: flyers, brochures, catalogs, triptychs, brochures, brochure, vibrines, packaging

Publications: books, magazines, brochures, catalogs, notebooks, diaries, etc.

Gigantography, printing on canvas, roll up, spider, banners, branding machines, billboards, external signs, interior decoration.